Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I change the Price images, social icons and loading bar images?

A. When you download your copy of the Contempo template, we recommend unzipping the files to your local computer before copying to your site. All the alternative images are included in the xko-contempo/images/alternates folder.

You will see subfolders for large-price-tags, small-price-tags, social-icons and loading-bars.

Go to Template => Template Options => Images and upload the images you want to use. The following options allow you to upload the new images:

  • Small Price Image
  • Large Slider Price Image
  • Facebook Follow Icon
  • Twitter Follow Icon
  • Pinterest Follow Icon
  • YouTube Follow Icon
  • Google Plus Follow Icon
  • LinkedIN Follow Icon
  • RSS Feed Icon
  • Loading Bar Checkout Page

Q. How do I change the background image?

A. To upload your own background image, first go to Template => Template Options => Images and edit the Background Image option to upload your image.

Then, go to Template => Template Options => CSS Options and set the Background Image Properties.

Q.  Can I disable the background image and just have a solid color?

A.  Yes, simply go to Template => Template Options => Disable Background Image and set the option to "yes".

Q.  How do I setup the Image Slider?

A.  To use the optional image slider, first go to Template => Template Options => Homepage Top Banner and set the option to "Image Slider".

Then, go to Template => Template Options => Images and upload your individual slide images.  You can upload up to (6) images and set where they link when clicked.

Q.  Can I make the (3) banner images under the welcome text bigger?

A.  The width is fixed at 280px, however you can make them taller (more square) by creating an image with a height greater than 150px.  The demo shows images 280px wide by 150px tall.

Q.  Are there buttons to add to cart on the product listings?

A.  No, there are no buttons when looking at the product listings on the homepage, category listings or embedded products. We designed Contempo this way specifically to encourage deeper browsing on your site by getting visitors to click into products for more information and to add to their cart or buy at Amazon.  We did this to help keep visitors on your site longer to reduce "bounce rate", and to present a more contemporar look that doesn't initially scream "affiliate store" :-)

Q.  I have a question you didn't cover here...

A. We will add more information to this FAQ page, as well as answer questions and provide support on the forums at

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