Custom Images

Contempo allows you to customize various images used in the template. To make this easier, we've provided a number of alternate images, already created in a variety of colors. Included in the template files is an /xko-contempo/images/alternates folder with 24 image variations for Large Price Tags, Small Price Tags, Social Icons & Loading Bars. You can also change the Background Image, giving you a simple way to create a whole new look! Don't like the Background Image at all, simply use the Template Options to disable it.

Background Image

By default, Contempo includes a semi-transparent texture which you can use and change the background color with your CSS options. But don't stop there! You can upload a new background image in your template options. Want to change the background for the holidays? It's super easy with Contempo.

Once you've uploaded the image, head over to your CSS options for the "Background Image Properties". Here you can select if the image repeats or is a large fixed image, specify the background position, and voila! - a new background.

background image properties

Price Tag Images

Included are (24) color variations for the Price Tags - both Large and Small versions. You can upload a new image in your template options to customize with one of these variations. There are separate uploads for Large and Small Price tags, so you can use a different color in the product slider if you like. Check out the control panel to the left to test drive the various color variations.

default aqua default aqua default aqua


Social Icon Images

We've provided matched sets of Social Icons, color coordination to match the Price Tags. Go for a single color, or mix and match icons to create your own look. Image template options are provided for each social link, simply upload the icon you want to use. Have something different in mind - upload your own icons!

  • default aqua
  • red violet
  • lime green
  • hot pink
  • gold
  • red
  • yellow


Checkout Page Loading Bar Image

We've included (15) animated loading bar images for your Checkout Page so that you can customize your site through the entire shopping experience. Choose from these variations by simply uploading a new image in your template options:

loading blue
loading blue
loading blue
loading black
loading dark red
loading gold
loading green
loading light blue
loading lime green
loading orange
loading pink
loading purple
loading grey
loading red
loading teal

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